The Closet Monster

The other night, I was lying in bed and the clothes just seemed to take shape.  I felt like a little kid again, except that it wasn’t a scary shape.  It was more like this funny face.  Anyway, I painted my closet monster.  Who knows, maybe there will be more to come.


Find a Way to Create

I know it sounds corny, but I woke up one day a few years ago, and I simply needed to draw. I felt like God was inviting me on a journey with him, and I just needed to pick up a pencil. The funny thing is, I can’t ever remember a time when I could draw anything more than a stick figure.

I think each of us is unique, but we have so much creativity inside to share, that it is necessary to find that outlet and open our hearts to the world around us. As for me, I paint mostly. I will add my artwork here as I get a chance. I just hope each person out there finds a way to create.