Day Eight…

I believe that this is a painting that never ends.  Today, when I sat down, my goal was to put on the stars.  They needed something.  I had just cut out squares of different printed paper.  As, I arranged them, I was unhappy with that.  I was thinking that I would blot some gold ink on there, but I wanted a bit more control for the stars, because I had a small area.  I cut a circle out of a piece of water-color paper, and I made gold circles to enclose the stars. 

That didn’t integrate well with the rest of the background, so I mixed some turquoise and white together.  I lay the circle over the gold, and painted around messy, thinking that the star light would probably bounce all around .  I decided that I couldn’t have stars that all looked alike.  After all they are as unique as we are.  So, I cut the stars into different shapes.  I put them on with a glossy gel medium. 

 I have words that I want to add to the painting, and I am thinking that will be the ground, so I wanted to have a color I could write on.  I found a magazine picture, and I made that into the ground. 

Tomorrow, I still need to tone down that glow.  It is atrocious.  I am not sure yet, how I will.  That will be continued in our next episode.

Girl at Night


Day Seven…

Today, I made the first steps of merging the project.  Tomorrow, I will need to do some background work that helps to bring those images together.  I have plans for stars and possibly some gold leaf.  Here is my project so far.Girl at Night

I’d love to hear your comments.  Let me know what things spark your creativity.

Mr. Tail Feathers

Sometimes you just have to stop for a moment and see the splendor that God gave us.  Today we went on a nature walk.  It was really nice to just be still enough to see and hear nature in all of its magnificence.  We have bike paths all over northern Colorado, and we went a mile or two down the road.

It began with being very annoyed with my little girl, the magpie of the family.  I could not find peace with all the talking.  We took pictures all along the route, and when she was finally able to stop talking, she wondered at the world around her.

We renamed a few plants along the way.  There were cottonwoods all over, and at times I felt like the cotton army was invading the countryside.  We were certain those little flying fluffies were fairies come to play.  Here is a picture of their home.Fairy Home

My little daughter saw her first tadpole.  They were nearly frogs.  Swimming so quickly, but they still had those clumsy tails.  Seeing helped me remember the tadpoles I saved from a grizzly fate when I was a little girl.  It even got my husband to tell us about the tadpole he raised.  He named it Alexander before he had to set it free in a river near his home.

The pelican swimming in the pond was certainly one of the highlights.  Though it is hard to distinguish through the pictures, it was huge.  I think it must have been camera-shy because, I had an awful time getting to see anything other than Mr. Tail Feathers.Mr. Tailfeather

I think I learned one thing on that walk.  Enjoy each moment.  Don’t be filled with regret.  Just look at what is around, and see the wonder of it all, even if the wonder is a duck swimming in a kiddie pool. Duck in a kiddie pool

Day Six…

Some days, life pushes aside my agenda.  It’s funny how I think my plans are so important, yet the world doesn’t end when I have to rearrange my priorities.  (With a husband, three kids, two dogs, mixed with a twist of crazy, I do a lot of rearranging.)  Here is day six, which, if you are counting is actually day seven.  I hope you enjoy.

I added some blue metallic paisleys to the background.  I think it really still lacking something, so I will have to se what I can come up with on day seven.  Art for me is like a spur of the moment road trip.  Usually, I have a general direction, but I don’t ever see the fully formed result in my head.  Sometimes you just have to stop and admire the world’s largest ball of twine, or in my case, the uglies.  It isn’t because we really care about twine, or ugliness.  It’s really because there is someone out there who did, and just going through the process enough times has an incredible outcome.Night background

I finished my girl, but I thought I needed more on the page.  I used some of the scrap paper to start a moon.  I am not sure if that will actually go in, because I also have an idea for some interesting stars, and the moon, might just be distracting.Little Girl and Moon

Day Five…

I didn’t have much time to work last night.  I have been feeling ill, so I went to bed very early.  I did a little work though, so here is the next layer for the background.Night Background

Then I worked on the girl a bit more.  I shaded her hair a little more and made her dress dingy.Little Girl

Day Four…

I am probably a little slower than an average artist.  I have a full time job, so I don’t have lots of hours to devote to art.  I love to do it, and painting is definately my relaxation for the evening, but I don’t have the time that I would Like.  I am also more than a little obsessive.  I like things to turn out cleam.  They don’t unless I let the previous layer dry before I get to the next layer.

Last night, I put the next layer on my night background.  It was simply burnt sienna full bodied acyrlics.  I applied it with a credit card.Night Background

I also worked a bit on coloring the little girl.  I added a first layer of color on the dress, and though it looks very yellow in the picture her eyes are actually a light olive.Little girl

Day Three…

Last night I dripped a layer of walnut ink onto my night background.  I am liking the effect, but it took a long time to dry.  I didn’t do anything else to the background.

Night Background

Then I worked a bit more on shading the little girl.

Little Girl