Day Six…

Some days, life pushes aside my agenda.  It’s funny how I think my plans are so important, yet the world doesn’t end when I have to rearrange my priorities.  (With a husband, three kids, two dogs, mixed with a twist of crazy, I do a lot of rearranging.)  Here is day six, which, if you are counting is actually day seven.  I hope you enjoy.

I added some blue metallic paisleys to the background.  I think it really still lacking something, so I will have to se what I can come up with on day seven.  Art for me is like a spur of the moment road trip.  Usually, I have a general direction, but I don’t ever see the fully formed result in my head.  Sometimes you just have to stop and admire the world’s largest ball of twine, or in my case, the uglies.  It isn’t because we really care about twine, or ugliness.  It’s really because there is someone out there who did, and just going through the process enough times has an incredible outcome.Night background

I finished my girl, but I thought I needed more on the page.  I used some of the scrap paper to start a moon.  I am not sure if that will actually go in, because I also have an idea for some interesting stars, and the moon, might just be distracting.Little Girl and Moon


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