Mr. Tail Feathers

Sometimes you just have to stop for a moment and see the splendor that God gave us.  Today we went on a nature walk.  It was really nice to just be still enough to see and hear nature in all of its magnificence.  We have bike paths all over northern Colorado, and we went a mile or two down the road.

It began with being very annoyed with my little girl, the magpie of the family.  I could not find peace with all the talking.  We took pictures all along the route, and when she was finally able to stop talking, she wondered at the world around her.

We renamed a few plants along the way.  There were cottonwoods all over, and at times I felt like the cotton army was invading the countryside.  We were certain those little flying fluffies were fairies come to play.  Here is a picture of their home.Fairy Home

My little daughter saw her first tadpole.  They were nearly frogs.  Swimming so quickly, but they still had those clumsy tails.  Seeing helped me remember the tadpoles I saved from a grizzly fate when I was a little girl.  It even got my husband to tell us about the tadpole he raised.  He named it Alexander before he had to set it free in a river near his home.

The pelican swimming in the pond was certainly one of the highlights.  Though it is hard to distinguish through the pictures, it was huge.  I think it must have been camera-shy because, I had an awful time getting to see anything other than Mr. Tail Feathers.Mr. Tailfeather

I think I learned one thing on that walk.  Enjoy each moment.  Don’t be filled with regret.  Just look at what is around, and see the wonder of it all, even if the wonder is a duck swimming in a kiddie pool. Duck in a kiddie pool


2 thoughts on “Mr. Tail Feathers

    • It was a really fun day. As we were taking pictures of those ducks in the pool, the home owner came out. She explained they were a 4H project and they had raised them. It was really cute.


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