Day Eight…

I believe that this is a painting that never ends.  Today, when I sat down, my goal was to put on the stars.  They needed something.  I had just cut out squares of different printed paper.  As, I arranged them, I was unhappy with that.  I was thinking that I would blot some gold ink on there, but I wanted a bit more control for the stars, because I had a small area.  I cut a circle out of a piece of water-color paper, and I made gold circles to enclose the stars. 

That didn’t integrate well with the rest of the background, so I mixed some turquoise and white together.  I lay the circle over the gold, and painted around messy, thinking that the star light would probably bounce all around .  I decided that I couldn’t have stars that all looked alike.  After all they are as unique as we are.  So, I cut the stars into different shapes.  I put them on with a glossy gel medium. 

 I have words that I want to add to the painting, and I am thinking that will be the ground, so I wanted to have a color I could write on.  I found a magazine picture, and I made that into the ground. 

Tomorrow, I still need to tone down that glow.  It is atrocious.  I am not sure yet, how I will.  That will be continued in our next episode.

Girl at Night


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