Wake Up Call

This weekend has definitely been one of those crossroads that life brings.  Friday, my father-in-law was rushed to the hospital with chest pains.  We don’t know if it was an actually heart attack, but his heart has definitely been beating irregularly.  It is hard to see him so fragile because he is usually such an able man.

On the same day, I received my Zumba workout DVDs that I bought from an infomercial.  My husband definitely encouraged that as both of us need to lose some weight.  I got on the scale yesterday morning, and I am ashamed to admit how high my weight was.  It was almost 15 pounds more than I thought.

I haven’t really dieted or exercised in ages, and it is not a good thought that I am heading straight for a hospital if I don’t change my behavior.  I know that not all of you are interested in my personal struggles, but I am putting it out here so that I have a reminder to stay accountable.  I honestly need to lose about 100 pounds, and that isn’t easy. 

If any of you have had successes in loosing weight, please post your encouragement and methods.  For now, I plan to cut out sugar and processed food as much as possible.  I plan to exercise as much as I can.  I look forward to hearing how you all have succeeded too.



Tamara LaPorte runs a ning community at  http://willowing.ning.com.  I took some of my first art courses there.  I must say that Tam is such a gentle mentor, and I have loved learning from her.  Next year she will host a year-long art course, which I am super excited to see!  If you enjoy whimsical art and just having fun, check out her site.

Post Card Crossing Project

When I was in college, I was poor.  I know everyone went through ramen noodles in college.  Even as poor as I was, I loved to travel.  I couldn’t really afford expensive souvenirs, but I learned that I could pick up post cards that were pretty and dirt cheap.  I have collected post cards from all around the world.

Then I ran across the post card crossing project.  This site lets you exchange post cards with people all around the world.  I was so excited when I found it that I signed up immediately.  I got my first postcard today.  Now I will get to collect post cards that people actually sent to me.  That makes me feel really special.  Check it out.  Enjoy!

My first post card from Post Crossing

Paint Free by Wyanne

I bought Wyanne’s new e-book course called Paint free.  I am so excited about this book.  Wyanne, http://wyanne.com/, is a very talented artist.  She has a website and has made many You Tube videos.  Here is a project that I made taking her suggestions.  I know it isn’t great art.  It’s fun, and who really cares if it is great if it isn’t fun.

Take Time to Invest

I have no art to show today.  I spent time with my family for the holiday, which was great.  Nothing is better than looking into my children’s’ eyes and seeing that love reflected back.  I have so enjoyed listening to their laughter and enjoying their discoveries.  For instance, my youngest daughter decided that men who capture rattlesnakes for a living are crazy dum dums.  If this is you, I mean no offense.  I suppose a lot of my actions each day require a little crazy dum dum.

Last night we had dinner at Red’s Dogs and Donuts.  What a treat!  I decided it was time to try something new.  I had the Slaw Dog Millionaire, all beef hot dog, bacon, cole slaw, and tomatoes.  I was not really certain how that would turn out, but it was great!  If you happen to be in Greeley, CO, I recommend a stop at Red’s.

I have been teaching my oldest daughter how to read a crochet pattern.  She is making a turquoise beanie hat.  I just love to see her excited about how it is turning out.  There isn’t much out there that is more rewarding than taking the time to invest in your children.