Wake Up Call

This weekend has definitely been one of those crossroads that life brings.  Friday, my father-in-law was rushed to the hospital with chest pains.  We don’t know if it was an actually heart attack, but his heart has definitely been beating irregularly.  It is hard to see him so fragile because he is usually such an able man.

On the same day, I received my Zumba workout DVDs that I bought from an infomercial.  My husband definitely encouraged that as both of us need to lose some weight.  I got on the scale yesterday morning, and I am ashamed to admit how high my weight was.  It was almost 15 pounds more than I thought.

I haven’t really dieted or exercised in ages, and it is not a good thought that I am heading straight for a hospital if I don’t change my behavior.  I know that not all of you are interested in my personal struggles, but I am putting it out here so that I have a reminder to stay accountable.  I honestly need to lose about 100 pounds, and that isn’t easy. 

If any of you have had successes in loosing weight, please post your encouragement and methods.  For now, I plan to cut out sugar and processed food as much as possible.  I plan to exercise as much as I can.  I look forward to hearing how you all have succeeded too.


4 thoughts on “Wake Up Call

  1. Sending good thoughts your way for C’s dad. My own dad lost 50 pounds in one year after having a personal wake up call to get his gut in shape (he’s in his early 50’s).

    For me, I had a lot of success with Weight Watchers online (no meetings for me!) when I was learning more about portion sizes and substitutions. It helped me trade out one food for something better, and get a handle on amount of foods. After that, it wasn’t much help, though. I also use my food scale a lot when I’m calorie counting. DailyBurn.com is a free calorie counter that I switched to when I was done with WW.

    Before I got pregnant with our second, I had lost all of my baby weight and then some, and was in the fittest shape I think I have EVER been in. I was walking the dogs almost daily, usually with H in a pack on my back, and I was doing Jillian Michael’s exercise DVDs 4 to 7 days a week. I was also still calorie counting with DailyBurn.com at that time.

    In my case, I think my issues are compounded by food intolerances (inherited from my mother). When I was pregnant with F, I ate a lot more meat and dairy than normal to keep from throwing up the whole 9 months and I had a lot of issues. It was awful, and I also gained 47 pounds instead of the 26 I had gained with H! Now that I have (recently) drastically cut back on dairy, the weight is slowly starting to come off and the biggest thing is that I am less hungry and feel so much better in general. I’ve read that undiagnosed food intolerances can prevent your body from losing weight, raise cortisol levels, and cause chronic inflammation. So that’s something to think about if you notice feeling better or worse when you eat specific foods.

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks guys. I will check out that site. I have used weight watchers, and it is good. I have also used Sparkpeople.com. It was pretty good, but the site is very busy, and hard to navigate.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

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