Living in Color?

Lately I feel like life is completely about responsibility.  Once in a while it would be nice to think about something fun instead of a “have to.”  I long for the days when I was younger and life was more about having fun than about being responsible.

In honor of the responsible life, I painted this with a very limited color palette.  I hope you enjoy!

Portrait in Limited Color

Portrait in Limited Color


My New Friend from Poland

I have collected postcards for years.  When I stumbled across a link for, I was really excited.  It is like having pen pals, but you don’t have to keep writing.  You just exchanged post cards.  Well, I made a friend in Poland exchanging post cards, and she asked me to paint a little girl for her.  I am super excited to send it to her.  With Dad in the hospital twice, and my daughter ill, I haven’t had time to paint, but it is finally finished! 

I will be mailing your little girl this week.  Here it is.

My Friend From Poland

I am Going Crazy!

It seems that sickness is hanging around my life like a cloud.  My daughter was sick with a nasty cold.  Then my father-in-law had pneumonia along with his ailing heart.  Then my daughter got sick again.  She’s missed three days of school.  Tomorrow we should know if it is strep.  That is a good thing because my husband and I are both coming down with this.

I want so much to create, but there has been so little time to go off on my own.  Everyone else has needed my attention.  I am most of the way done with another project from Carla Sonheim’s summer camp, that I can’t wait to show you!

I am reading a new book to the family, Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 by Richard Paul Evans.  The kids are all enjoying it.  My husband was busy and I read a chapter without him only to experience his dismay.

Well, those are the events here.  Let me know what is going on with you.

Faces 101

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This week is Faces 101 with Carla Sonheim.  The 101 does not stand for introduction, it stands for the number of faces created this week.  I joined this class hoping for fun and instruction.  I have definitely had that, though not in the way I expected.

This isn’t a class about how to draw or paint.  It isn’t about how to line things up or make sure that things appear realistic.  Rather it is about taking the inherent skill and restricting it, refining it.  Who would have thought that art would be better if an artist had a ton of crazy restrictions, but it is true.  I have made faces that are so fun, doing things I never would have thought to try.

I think it shows that the restrictions in our lives, are what refine us and make us beautiful.  Without them, we would never become better.

Here are some of the faces I’ve made.  For obvious reasons, I can’t post them all.


Things That Go Bump in the Night

Last week I took Carla Sonheim’s class on imaginary animals.  I really enjoyed it!  I got to use my imagination and just play.  We made some really great animals.    I am so grateful that God gave me an imagination so that there would be more to life than responsibility.  Here are my ‘Monsters’.

Little Squib

Little Squib lives in bottles of bubble bath.  He likes to dance in the bubbles.

Cutie Bug

This is my Cutie Bug, who lives in the bottom of my purse looking for pieces of gum.


TerrorDactyl’s favorite thing to do is sleep.


Art Doll Weekend

Last weekend, my friend daMelbye, came over and we began the process of making paper mache art dolls.  They are still nowhere near finished, but it was so much fun.  I had never really done much with paper mache, but I can sure tell you that it is much like the mud pies of my childhood.  Here’s hoping they will amount to slightly more in the end!

Making Art Dolls


Making art dolls

It has a head!

Making art dolls

A big round belly

Making art dolls