Faces 101

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This week is Faces 101 with Carla Sonheim.  The 101 does not stand for introduction, it stands for the number of faces created this week.  I joined this class hoping for fun and instruction.  I have definitely had that, though not in the way I expected.

This isn’t a class about how to draw or paint.  It isn’t about how to line things up or make sure that things appear realistic.  Rather it is about taking the inherent skill and restricting it, refining it.  Who would have thought that art would be better if an artist had a ton of crazy restrictions, but it is true.  I have made faces that are so fun, doing things I never would have thought to try.

I think it shows that the restrictions in our lives, are what refine us and make us beautiful.  Without them, we would never become better.

Here are some of the faces I’ve made.  For obvious reasons, I can’t post them all.



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