Living in Color?

Lately I feel like life is completely about responsibility.  Once in a while it would be nice to think about something fun instead of a “have to.”  I long for the days when I was younger and life was more about having fun than about being responsible.

In honor of the responsible life, I painted this with a very limited color palette.  I hope you enjoy!

Portrait in Limited Color

Portrait in Limited Color


2 thoughts on “Living in Color?

  1. Hello,dear Dina.

    My name is Katya,I live in Russian Federation,and today I have received your charming postcard with a view of the Pearl Street.
    My opinion about it I will send you by service,when I will register your card.So,check your e-mail soon!:)

    Thank you for invitation to your blog.
    It’s very pretty and comfortable-looking.I guess,you have chosen a very pleasant colour for your background.

    As for your work,I guess,your mood touched your picture very strongly.It looks interesting,this girl has some sandess in her appearance.
    But I can’t agree with your thoughts.If you think,that all responsibility,which you should do,is something like servitude,it would be totally like you predict.If you find some fun and as many pluses as you can in this “responsibility”,life will become easier immediately!:)
    That’s my own opinion.

    A good work!I guess,you have very interesting and self-made technics and style in drawing….

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