I Am Still Here

The last few days were ransacked with a cold.  I haven’t done much, and I have been poor company.  The good thing is I have managed to read a lot, though one might argue that the novels I read don’t really constitute fine literature of any sort.  In fact, it is rather difficult to concentrate on what I am reading when I feel as though I have cotton stuffed into my head.

I have had fine company.  I have a very old dachshund named Ricky.  He hasn’t left my side in two days.  He just stands and barks at me until he has a lap.  Here is a picture of Ricky passed out on top of the kleenex box next to me on the couch.

There is always one way to know that I am sick; I cook.  Yesterday I made chicken.  It was clearly edible.  (Note: I didn’t say that I cooked well.)  Today, I baked a caramel apple bundt cake.  It was pretty good.  It even got my daughter’s stamp of approval.  (The chicken didn’t.)

Have a great day!  Try not to catch my cold.


2 thoughts on “I Am Still Here

  1. Hello,Dina!

    Oh,how do I understand you!
    These days I have caught a running nose and cold too…I feel myself not very comfortable at all.
    But I cheer myself up with a fact,that it won’t stay too long there:).My mom says,that it will take maximum a week,not longer….and I stronlgy believe in her words:)

    It’s cool to have a dutchshund.And I also admire,that he doesn’t leave you,when you are sick.I haven’t got any pets for some time and I have already lost this feeling.You’re lucky in this way.It’s one of the simple hapinesses,as I believe:).

    Oh,I often bake apple pies too.And they often have round shapes.
    Your one looks very nice:)And don’t worry about chicken-next time everything will be better:).
    This summer I was asked to cook chahohbili(I hope,that I spell it correctly in English),but my efforts were very….poor.
    It was awful!:)I even can’t be sure,that it wasn’t toxic!:)

    Heh,but everything comes with experience,you know.:)

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