When Pigs Fly.

I have really been struggling with discouragement.  The older I get, the harder it is to believe that anything is possible.  I have read my Bible.  I know what the Word says.  I watch the news and hear the miraculous stories that are out there.  I am not truly certain, but there must be a thousand sad endings for every miracle.

Now I need to ask myself, “Does it seem like there are no happy images because that is what evil wants us to believe, or are there really so few wonders left in the world?”  I choose to believe that is the lie on TV.  I want to know that all things are possible through Christ.  I want to believe that no matter the hardship, there is a purpose in it all.

In honor of the possibilities, here is my flying pig.



3 thoughts on “When Pigs Fly.

  1. wow..i’m kinda frustrated with the dominance of sad images in this world too!. it can really discourage a lot….but…i really like what u said and painted here!! and that flying pig is such a brave “flying-away-from-the-lies” self-expression..and movement…i wanna do things like that too:)bein so brave and faithful in HIM despite these discouragements that’s eating us everyday..people might say that’s uncool but i don’t care anymore..we have to believe HIM..it’s only through HIM we can again see beautiful things^_^gonna fly like ur pig!
    thank you~

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