Happy Halloween everyone. Tomorrow is National Novel Writing Month. There is a competition in celebration called Nanowrimo. The competition challenges participants to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.
I won two years ago. I am going to try again starting tomorrow. Please understand if I have no new art for a month. Wish me luck!


Snow Day

First snow of the year. One foot and still coming down. School is cancelled because of downed power lines and tree branches.





Today I painted myself a reminder that God doesn’t place value on our beauty.  It isn’t our graceful demeanor that earns his favor.  After all, those qualities are gifts He gave to us.  My worth is measured by His love, not my accomplishments.  I just wanted a reminder that though my crown may sit a little crooked, God adopted me anyway!  I am His princess.

Daughter of the King