Back in the Saddle

It is day 26 of Nanowrimo. It seems as though life hit me with a brick this month. Dad is out of the hospital, which is wonderful! My word count is just over 14,000. If I was on schedule, I would have 43,333 words today. I am a little behind.
The story is starting to come along though. The priest broke a leg, and the love interest is sick and has been carried away by a band of lights. My princess is currently in the Cavern of Eyes, soon to by fighting trolls. So, things are moving along.
Thanksgiving was wonderful. Dad was home from the hospital. We had a lovely turkey, stuffing, and homeade pumpkin pie. (I didn’t write that day.)
I am feeling lonely for my art. I want to be painting. I may put writing aside tomorrow, so that I can paint. I really miss it! How are all of you doing? Anything you are thankful for?


Be Afraid, Or Maybe Not

Halloween is a fun time of year.  I enjoy dressing up and having fun.  Each year, my employer has a costume contest.  This year my coworkers and I dressed up as Dr. Seuss characters.  My coworkers were Cat in the Hat and Thing 1.  I was Thing 2.  We won funniest costumes!  It was great fun.

Halloween Party

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Nanowrimo Day 13 – Still plotting along.

I have written for thirteen days now.  I am more than 11,000 words behind schedule.  I honestly don’t know if I can get caught up, but I have not given up.  My princess is standing in a wet forest about to break into an empty house with a peasant and a guiding light.  Their assassin is stuck in the forest led astray.  The king was attacked by an ogre, who has now gone rogue because he wants better food.

Last night I went to a great party in Fort Collins, CO called The Night of Writing Treacherously.  If you had seen the potluck spread, you would have seen just how treacherous it was to my waistline.  Truly though, thanks for all the food and fun, fellow Nanos.  Zombie 13, I especially wanted to say thanks for all the encouragement!  (In addition to the fun, I wrote 2,000 words!)

At home, we are working on a cookbook for Christmas.  I am gathering all of our favorite recipes, taking pictures of us cooking and eating them, and I am going to use Photoshop to create a beautiful spread for each recipe with stories from each member of the family.  I thought it would be a special something for all of our loved ones!  (Hubby is doing most of that cooking, and the kids are going crazy with the camera.)  I can’t wait to show a sample here next month.


Nanowrimo Day 6

Nanowrimo is not going as well as I had hoped.  My princess is stuck in the woods with a eunuch.  Her father and kingdom have been taken over by her uncle.  Her prince, who is really just a peasant, is sleeping comfortably under a willow tree, wearing her mother’s amulet.  I suppose the action has begun.

A healthy does of panic eludes me even though I am already 6,000 words behind my goal.  I can’t seem to make myself stop playing solitaire and checking my email.  My desk is the cleanest it has been in over a year and all of the laundry is done.  I am even writing to my blog.  I am already doubting whether my pair will make it to the mountain on their quest, and restore order to their universe.

My Desk is Clean

My Desk is Clean

On the bright side, all the kids have had friends over this weekend, I am going to make snickerdoodles tonight, and we are taking my youngest daughter for an adventure tomorrow to navigate the perils of beauracracy.

If you have any great ideas for perils that my characters should face on their quest, add them below.  Maybe a challenge will help me get my act together?

Day 3 of Nanowrimo

Today begins day three of Nanowrimo.  I can already feel the stress of the massive deadline that looms before me.  In order to reach 50,000 words by November 30th, I need to write about 1,667 words daily.  I started my story on Tuesday, but yesterday, I scrapped everything and started over.  Now I have 1,304 words and I need to have 5,001 words by tonight to reach the daily goal.

My novel is a fantasy story about a princess who goes on a quest to save her kingdom from her uncle.  I decided to make is light-hearted, so I began the story with a man shooting a deer in the rump roast as a bee stings him on the nose.  (Note: No actual deer were harmed in the writing of this story.)  Well, I am using my words here instead of on my novel, so ta ta for now.