Nanowrimo Day 13 – Still plotting along.

I have written for thirteen days now.  I am more than 11,000 words behind schedule.  I honestly don’t know if I can get caught up, but I have not given up.  My princess is standing in a wet forest about to break into an empty house with a peasant and a guiding light.  Their assassin is stuck in the forest led astray.  The king was attacked by an ogre, who has now gone rogue because he wants better food.

Last night I went to a great party in Fort Collins, CO called The Night of Writing Treacherously.  If you had seen the potluck spread, you would have seen just how treacherous it was to my waistline.  Truly though, thanks for all the food and fun, fellow Nanos.  Zombie 13, I especially wanted to say thanks for all the encouragement!  (In addition to the fun, I wrote 2,000 words!)

At home, we are working on a cookbook for Christmas.  I am gathering all of our favorite recipes, taking pictures of us cooking and eating them, and I am going to use Photoshop to create a beautiful spread for each recipe with stories from each member of the family.  I thought it would be a special something for all of our loved ones!  (Hubby is doing most of that cooking, and the kids are going crazy with the camera.)  I can’t wait to show a sample here next month.



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