Back in the Saddle

It is day 26 of Nanowrimo. It seems as though life hit me with a brick this month. Dad is out of the hospital, which is wonderful! My word count is just over 14,000. If I was on schedule, I would have 43,333 words today. I am a little behind.
The story is starting to come along though. The priest broke a leg, and the love interest is sick and has been carried away by a band of lights. My princess is currently in the Cavern of Eyes, soon to by fighting trolls. So, things are moving along.
Thanksgiving was wonderful. Dad was home from the hospital. We had a lovely turkey, stuffing, and homeade pumpkin pie. (I didn’t write that day.)
I am feeling lonely for my art. I want to be painting. I may put writing aside tomorrow, so that I can paint. I really miss it! How are all of you doing? Anything you are thankful for?


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