I took a class a few months ago with Katie Kendrick.  There were a lot of projects that I started and never had time or inspiration to finish, and there were even more, I never managed to start.  Yesterday, I bought her new book, Layered Impressions.  She had some exercises in there that were new to me.  I really enjoyed them, and they helped to open up my creativity.

This painting I had started months ago.  It is loosely inspired by a black and white photo of Lucille Ball.  I love the actresses of the 40s and 50s.  Anyway, I think I really enjoy the way this one turned out, and I hope you do too!  Let me know what you think.





Tuesday I had the day off.  I ran errands most of the day, and when I got home I decided to see what was going on at the library.  I found out at 6:15 pm they were having a Zentangle class at 7pm.  I called, got signed up, and headed over.  I have seen use of Zentangle in art journaling, and I find it fascinating.  My art is always full of color.  Sometimes the color in my art is overwhelming.  I have trouble getting a pallete together that I enjoy.

In respect to color, Zentangle is fantastic.  There are really no color decisions.  It is meditative.  The repetition helps to give me time to think through things on my mind.  There are tons of websites to learn more about it.  You can try, if you are interested.

Here are my first two:

ZentangleZentangle 2

Are You Loving the New Year?

Today I read a post on the blog Standing For Something.  It was simple advice, but I really enjoyed it.  The article is 14 Days to Improve Your Relationships.  Call me crazy, but I think that each of us could improve some of the relationships in our lives.  I know that I am prone to lose my temper and maybe not treat the people I love in a way that shows them how special that they are.  Ali, thank you for taking the time to remind all of us to live life just a little fuller.

Happy New Year!

I have been crazy busy for the last month.  The holidays can really do that to you.  I decided this week to sit down and finish some of the projects I have been working on.  I hope you enjoy!