Tuesday I had the day off.  I ran errands most of the day, and when I got home I decided to see what was going on at the library.  I found out at 6:15 pm they were having a Zentangle class at 7pm.  I called, got signed up, and headed over.  I have seen use of Zentangle in art journaling, and I find it fascinating.  My art is always full of color.  Sometimes the color in my art is overwhelming.  I have trouble getting a pallete together that I enjoy.

In respect to color, Zentangle is fantastic.  There are really no color decisions.  It is meditative.  The repetition helps to give me time to think through things on my mind.  There are tons of websites to learn more about it.  You can try Zentangle.com, if you are interested.

Here are my first two:

ZentangleZentangle 2


2 thoughts on “Zentangle

  1. This is crazy! I was looking for polymer clay cane tutorials tonight (right before heading to your site). I came upon Dora’s site and was amazed by these…these…zen objects. I check my updates and arrive at your site to find another one of my favorite artists (that’s you!) found them (you are so much more on top of things than I…it takes me forever to get around to finding stuff) and appreciates them as much as me! Although, you found them in your medium of choice and I found them in another, they have the same idea/principle.
    Here’s her blog…complete with an inner scrollable tutorial:

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