Crochet Along Day 5 – My Bunny Lives!

This may be the shortest crochet along in history!  I finished my bunny.  I would like to do another crochet along in the near future.  I am thinking two ideas.  I could use this pattern and modify it to make a fun art doll.  I was also thinking maybe a week of dish cloths?  Let me know what you all think.  Bit O’ Sweets sent in pictures of her work, and I definitely want to say thank you!  If anyone else has pictures to send in, let me know at  If I don’t respond quickly, leave a comment.  I don’t check that address often if I am not expecting anything.


Crochet Along Day 4 – Crochet is Scary

I am working hard on my project, and I have made some progress.  It is hard with a husband, two dogs, and three kids to distract me!

The kids were a littel stir crazy this weekend, and my dogs tried hard to keep me safe from the Rastafarian Vampire Guy who came to vaccuum away my bunny!

My protectors, Ricky and Madison

Rastafarian Vampire Guy with a Vaccuum

That was actually my son holding my daughter’s pretend vaccuum.  He said I could only post the photo, if he could be the Rastafarian Vampire Guy who Vaccuums.  My son could be a little cuckoo, but we love him anyway.

On a more serious note.  Here is my progress.

Bunny face

Bunny body, arm, legs, and face
Bunny body, arm, legs, and face

Crochet Along Day 3 – Finshed the Head and Body

Today is Day 3 and I finished the head and the body.  I know I am a slow crocheter.  I think it’s because I am a bit of a perfectionist.  I do really hope everyone is having fun!

I plan to put my finished bunny in my daughter’s Easter basket.  What plans do you all have for yours?

Crochet Along Day 2

We have progress.  I got to start to stuff it!  I love that part.  Squishing my doll to see if it has enough stuffing just makes me happy.  How are yours coming along?  I think tomorrow, I will likely be done with the body.

I love the idea of making some art dolls too.  Does anyone have any ideas for making art dolls with crochet or mixed media?

Check out Bit o’ Sweet’s blog.  She has been working with polymer clay which looks intriguing.

Crochet Along Begins!

This is my very first crochet along.  I have seen them, but I am always too late to join.  I don’t honestly know how others have done this, but I thought I would crochet a little each day and post my progress for you.  If you would like me to post pictures of your work, send them to me at

If you are shy, post some comments about how your project is going.  What colors are you using?  Did you experiment with a different type of yarn?  I would love to see how it turns out with really hairy year, or cotton yarn.

Day 1, I only managed to get halfway through the head, to row 11.  I love to watch my work progress a little at a time.  I think that might be the thing I love most.  When I was little, my grandma would crochet, and I thought it was like weaving a magic spell with yarn.  In some sense, I think my wonder has never waned.

Here is today’s progress.

Crochet Along – Pattern and Supply List – Starts Saturday 2/25/2012

Ok.  I realize that the poll looks like the Martha Stewart Doll won.  The thing is, I know that those votes came from my family.  So, I am selecting the Heartfelt Bunny pattern.  Here is a list of the supplies you will need along with pictures below.  Make sure to print out a copy of the pattern so you can crochet along.

2 Colors of Worsted Weight Yarn, recommended Vanna’s Choice Pink and White.  I bought Vanna’s choice White and Rose Mist because they did not have Vanna’s Choice Pink.  I do really love Vanna’s Choice yarn, but any color worsted weight yarn, 4 ply, will work for this project.
Crochet Hook Size G-6
Stitch Markers  If you don’t have any, you can use a different colored piece of yarn or a safety pin.  Be creative.
Large-Eye Blunt Needle  You may also want a regular sewing needle to sew on the eyes.
2 Plastic Safety Eyes, 6mm.  I just grabbed some that I had left from other amigurumi dolls.
Fiberfill Stuffing
I recommend a stitch counter of some sort.  It could be a pen and paper, or whatever you choose.  I have kids and dogs, and I have no idea how I would remember where I was in the project without one.

So I hope everyone is excited!  Feel free to email me pictures of your projects, if you would like me to post them.  My email address is  I will certainly share my progress often as well.