Crochet Along Starts Next Saturday.

I am thinking that we should do a small project to start with. has some great patterns that are absolutely free.  They also have a ton of tutorial videos.  All you need to do is sign up for a login.  They do send some newsletters and offers, but they are far from obtrusive.  Here are the ones I am thinking of.

Martha Stewart doll –  This would be easy to customize and make your own.

Angel Doll –  Changing colors, this could be an angel or a fairy.  Leave the wings off and it is a little girl.

Little Frog – Who can resist a cute little round frog?

Bunny Rabbit – Easter is coming.  I have a nine-year-old girl who would absolutely love a new bunny for her basket.

Use the poll I am going to put up or respond with your preference in a comment.  Thursday, I will select the most popular pattern, and make it official.  Then you will have a couple of days to gather supplies if you need to.

As we go along, feel free to ask questions.  Also take some pictures because, I would love to show your work in a gallery or through a link to your blog.


2 thoughts on “Crochet Along Starts Next Saturday.

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