Crochet Along Day 2

We have progress.  I got to start to stuff it!  I love that part.  Squishing my doll to see if it has enough stuffing just makes me happy.  How are yours coming along?  I think tomorrow, I will likely be done with the body.

I love the idea of making some art dolls too.  Does anyone have any ideas for making art dolls with crochet or mixed media?

Check out Bit o’ Sweet’s blog.  She has been working with polymer clay which looks intriguing.


2 thoughts on “Crochet Along Day 2

  1. Your’s is looking great! It looks larger and tighter and thicker than mine so far. I reckon that’s due to the difference in the size of the yarn? I like the look of the yarn you’re using (I’m taking notes so when I allow myself to buy more yarn I’ll know what I want and hopefully won’t wind up with another messload of yarns and forget why I got them…Ever do that; buy something, get it home, get busy doing something else and the something that you bought gets forgotten (and sometimes bought again ’cause you thought you bought it but you can’t find it right off and think you must’ve just thought about buying it) then, when you find it you think, “why did I buy this?” or is that just me?).
    I’m working on the second ear (and what may wind up to be the last of the watermelon color…yaaay). I’ll upload images later.
    I’ve been mentally dressing this one in a tutu.

    • Hi Bit,

      I am sure that they are nearly the same size. Yours looks great. I am really starting to wish that I had chosen a lighter pink like you did. We’ll see how the end product looks.

      I love Vanna’s Choice yarn. I am allergic to wool, so I use mostly acrylic, and that is one of my favorites. It goes on sale a lot if you watch the craft store adds online too, which helps.

      You are not alone in buying too much yarn. I have two large chests full, and random projects dispersed through my house. I have way too much yarn. On the upside, I am set for craft material if the apocolypse comes.

      I am probably boarderline OCD. I have mostly stopped rolling my yarn in balls because if I do the ball too tight, it seems like the yarn gets thinner, stretched, and loses that fluffy quality.

      Well, I liked your picture, and hopefully you’ll send another of your finished project!


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