Crochet Along Day 5 – My Bunny Lives!

This may be the shortest crochet along in history!  I finished my bunny.  I would like to do another crochet along in the near future.  I am thinking two ideas.  I could use this pattern and modify it to make a fun art doll.  I was also thinking maybe a week of dish cloths?  Let me know what you all think.  Bit O’ Sweets sent in pictures of her work, and I definitely want to say thank you!  If anyone else has pictures to send in, let me know at  If I don’t respond quickly, leave a comment.  I don’t check that address often if I am not expecting anything.


One thought on “Crochet Along Day 5 – My Bunny Lives!

  1. Great job on it! Not having ever participated in a crochet along, I had no idea how long they’re supposed to last. I completed the head portion of the second one, using the fuzzy yarn. It’s quite a bit larger than the first. It’s on the table where I placed it night before last. I’ve been ‘otherwise detained’. I’ll complete it before Friday though.
    I’ll keep checking to see what you decide for your next one. (Meanwhile, I’ll try to find some other crochet alongs to read through).

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