Crochet Bunny ReVamped

I finished the crochet along.  I really like how my bunny turned out.  But as I made it, I had some ideas on how to change it up a bit to make an art doll.  I thought I would share my progress, as I go along.

First, I took the pattern for the crochet bunny from  I did not make the ears or the tail, and I made all the body one color.  It was Wool Ease, color Blush Heather.  Do not use wool ease if you are allergic to wool.  I had to learn this lesson the hard way.

Then, I took some fabric.  I had some leftover gold lame, which I thought would accent the colors in the clothes I plan to make.  I stretched it over an embroidery hoop, and I painted faces the same size as the face disk I crocheted.

Face Base

Face Base

Painted Faces

Painted Faces


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