Bunny Revamp Day 2

I am really uncertain what the outcome of this project will be.  I put the face on my doll, and my husband thought it was so creepy, he shuddered.  So, this could be a great technique if you are going for creepy.  Maybe once I complete the doll, it will be cute?


1. I put pipe cleaners into the limbs so that they would be more adjustable.

2. I stuffed the limbs.

3. Sewed the painted face to the disk, then to the doll.

Lessons learned.  Gold lame ravels.  It ravels particularly more than other fabrics.  If I did it again, I would put fusible interfacing on the back of the fabric to help it not to ravel.


2 thoughts on “Bunny Revamp Day 2

  1. I like it! Maybe it’s the gold border that makes it a little creepy, or the juxtaposition of fabric and yarn even? Maybe it would work better painted directly onto the fabric face of a sewn doll instead of crocheted? I’ve seen a few of those and they’re really cool!

    • It probably would work better on a sewn doll. I had an idea in mind, but it didn’t work. I wanted to be able to see some of the fabric underneath, but I had to paint thicker because it takes me a couple of layers to get it right.

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