Time to Begin Again

My family and I have been through a very rough season this year.  I know that I haven’t been posting lately.  It is because I had to work through some things.  I know many people use art to work out their issues.  I have been utterly unable to paint.  It seems I have lost whatever it was that allowed me to do that.  Each time I have tried to paint, I simply go blank and feel guilty that I should be doing something more productive.  This is not my inner critic.  I just don’t feel like it.

I have begun to try something that is utterly new for me instead.  I have always crocheted from patterns, with very little variation.  I had a dream a few days ago of a hat with a face on it, so I decided to try.  It isn’t exactly like the hat in my dream, but here is my new “art.”  I hope you enjoy.  By the way, I opened a shop on Etsy recently.  The hat is for sale there for anyone interested.  AdornWithSplendor

By the way, if any of you have ever made something from a dream post below and tell me about it.  I would love to hear!

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