Stuck in the Uglies

Do you ever have artwork that is just not working out?  I have been working on three pieces for the last week, and none of them are making me very happy.  I know others must struggle with the same thing.

When I start a painting, I have an idea in my head, but rarely is it fully formed.  The picture usually emerges as I work closer and closer to my idea and experiment along the way.  The painting I am sharing is not complete.  I tried experimenting with some different background techniques, but I don’t like the results.  My next idea was to begin painting flowers over the mess, but I think that they look too much like the woman’s hair.  It just isn’t right.

My point in sharing art with you that I know is bad is twofold.  One sometimes, working through to the next idea can sometimes work really well.  Also, even when paintings are stuck in the ‘uglies’, there is something to be learned from them.  In this piece, I learned that I need to really start limiting my color palate.  Otherwise, things can be a disaster.

Does any one have any suggestions for how they work through the ‘uglies’?


2 thoughts on “Stuck in the Uglies

  1. I love what you have so far with this one.
    As for working through the ‘uglies’ (makes me chuckle to say it)…when one gets to be stuck, I put it away and start something else. Unless it’s a cake…then, I just give it to someone to eat.
    Uglies…out of sight…out of mind.

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